Individual and Group Lessons

Surf Lesson

1-hour lessons designed for beginners looking to learn the steps and safety needed to surf.  No matter what age or level of athleticism–or lack thereof–we promise to get you standing and catching waves on your first lesson.  We provide you with your own personal instructor, or depending on group size one instructor per two students.  The first 15 minutes of the lesson takes place on shore as English-speaking instructors explain and practice the steps for standing up on the board, as well as going over the safety rules while out in the water.  The last 45 minutes of your lesson is spent having fun and catching waves!

Surf Lessons Provide a surf board which is for you to use the rest of the day and continue practicing once the lesson with an instructor is over, includes beach chairs and your own private shaded area for you to relax when not in the water, rash-guards or wet-suits are provided depending on the temperature of the water, life-jackets for very young kids are available upon request by the parents.

Individual Lesson

$ 60

Per HourPlease bring your own towel and sunscreen.

Group Lessons

$ 50

Each Per Hour (4+ People)Please bring your own towel and sunscreen.


  • Surf Board (yours to use the rest of the day)
  • Shaded Area
  • Beach Chairs
  • Rash Guards or Wet-Suits
  • Life Jackets for small children upon request
  • Surf Wax


  • Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Water/Snacks