Wanting to learn how to surf?
You Have come to the right place!

West Side Surf School provides individual or group lessons for beginners, and for the those who are already surfers we have surf coaches or surf guides to better your technique and discover the local breaks.


1-hour lessons designed for beginners looking to learn the steps and safety needed to surf.  No matter what age or level of athleticism–or lack thereof–we promise to get you standing and catching waves on your first lesson.

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1-hour with your own personal surf coach, designed for intermediate and advanced surfers this hour is all about bettering your skills. You are paired with an advanced surfer who will work with you on most anything!

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Available for advanced surfers looking to discover the many surf breaks southern Baja has to offer.  Baja is one of the most popular surf destinations and we have 4 breaks here in the Pescadero and Todos Santos area.

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We have a range in both size and make of surfboards to fit your every need. Rentals are for the whole day (8am-sunset) and include rash-guard or wet-suit.  Multiple-day rentals are available at a discounted price with ID info.

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