West Side Surf School is a family run business, founded by mainland Mexican born Heli “Tacho” Campos-Palomera and his family, who came to Baja in search of a happy and healthy lifestyle.  Experiencing and appreciating everything the Pacific Coast has to offer was our inspiration for the business.

Tacho began surfing at 13 years old and has been teaching others for almost just as long.  Originally from Colima, he has been surfing world-renowned big waves at his home-break of Pascuales since he was a teenager.  Graduating from the University of Colima in Tourism, Tacho always knew that what he most loved was sharing the passion of surfing and the pride of Mexico’s diverse environments and culture.

As members of a community who love the ocean, West Side works hand in hand with local programs that are creating alternatives to how we deal with waste and raising awareness about the environmental challenges we face. The amount of trash that ends up in our oceans is one of the biggest issues facing us today.  At West Side we encourage the love and care of our natural environments and the animals that depend on it.